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Synthetic Roof Shake Technology

Roofing technology brings us the synthetic roof shake that is realistic looking and highly durable but is made of materials other than slate and wood. Synthetic roof shakes are a small but growing niche. The use of cutting-edge materials is buying a hold on a growing market share of homeowners. The advantages are many, from style and function, a long lifespan, low maintenance and more. As homeowners grow more acquainted with the materials used and the technologies incorporated, they will see the advantages a synthetic roof shake brings.

Synthetic Roof Shake Material

Synthetic roof shakes are made of many different materials. They are all polymer-based, though only some incorporate in the manufacturing process recycled content. The recycled content that is found in a synthetic roof shake may come from the automotive industry (these tend to be high-quality materials) or tire rubber and other post consumer content. These advanced materials and renewable resources require sophisticated manufacturing technologies, costly at times. Different manufacturers use different materials for the synthetic roof shake they produce, but all manage to capture the texture and colors of natural materials, while delivering a highly durable shake, which is weather resistant and enjoys a long lifespan.

Where is the Catch?

Synthetic roof shakes are environmentally friendly and require low maintenance. They maintain the look of the original material shingles over time without wear, and even outperform the natural product. Lighter in weight and easy to cut, consistent in quality and available in different sizes, synthetic roof shakes are easier to install compared with natural products. 50 year long warranties and minimal repairs over the years make the choice of a synthetic roof shake the natural choice. As homeowners learn to trust the material of which the polymer-based synthetic roof shake is made of, it will only grow in popularity.



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