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About Composite Shingles

Composite shingles are made of a mixture of several commonly used roofing materials, which together allow for some very desirable performance features. This is credited as the reason why composite shingles are one of the most popular sheathing materials available today, constituting a large selection of America’s roofs. Composite roof shingles can be based on a number of materials, including slate, shake, laminate, wood, and slate. Composite shingles are manufactured in almost any color, shape, or size, and do not cost significantly more than other types of roof shingles.

Why Use Composite Shingles?

It is the blend of various roofing materials and additions that makes the composite shingle such high quality. Composition shingles are most recognized for their durability; while other roof shingles last on average about 15-20 years, composite shingles are usually warranted from 30-50 years. Some composite shingles are even guaranteed to last a lifetime. Also, composite shingles are today manufactured with a range of special additives allowing for some attractive features, such as those that make them resistant to algae and moss growth, UV degradation, and coloring to replicate cedar shakes. What’s more, composite shingles do not crack, split, blister, peel, or warp. They are also partly made from recyclable materials such as post industrial plastics and hemp fibers. And finally, as already mentioned, composite shingles can be used to complete any desired appearance, able to mimic many traditional colors and styles, and may fade (due to weathering) only one shade lighter over a full life span.

Composite Shingle Services

Composition roofing shingles will perform differently according to their constituents. As such, their installation and maintenance requires professional care and attention. We provide plenty of experienced composition shingles contractors that can provide you a range of services that will allow your composition shingles to reach their full life span.



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