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IKO Shingles Deliver Quality

The Alberta, Canada based roof shingles manufacturer IKO has produced and delivered quality residential and commercial roofing shingles since the 1950s, later opening up to the United States in a later stage in 1979. IKO roof shingles come in a variety of styles, all high quality and durability.

IKO Roof Shingles Types

There are four IKO shingles collections, serving the different preferences, needs and budgets of homeowners. IKO Cambridge shingles, the premium architectural style from IKO shingles, are an affordable option that provide a shake-like look. IKO Cambridge shingles are durable, require minimal maintenance and come in unique color blends called “Nature’s Accents”. IKO shingles also produce the Crowne Slate shingles collection, appearing like slate shingles but weighing less as they are made of alternative materials. It is their dimensional thickness that makes them appear like slate tiles. Grandeur shingles, also from IKO roof shingles are one of IKO’s top models, made of fiberglass. IKO Grandeur fiberglass architectural shingles offer homeowners a classic wood shake look with great strength and protection against thermal cycling and high winds. IKO asphalt shingles, under the name of the IKO Gentry collection, vary in styles and are designed for practically all purposes. These IKO shingles, designed in the traditional 3 tab shingle style, are available in a wide range of colors and varying warranty options.

IKO Shingles Warranty

IKO shingles come with varying length warrantees, depending on the line of shingles, its composition and strength. All roof shingles from IKO are offered with the Iron Clad warranty, which covers repair or replacement costs for up to five years. With the Iron Clad warranty, labor too is included for the same five year period. All IKO shingles score the highest in fire protection and can withstand varying winds of 70 to 110 MPH.



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