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Tamko Shingles Always Competitive

Tamko roof shingles have been with us since the mid 1940s, when E.L. Craig started his family Tamko shingles business. The headquarters of this family run business are still in their original location, in Joplin, Missouri, but Tamko roof shingles manufacturer now has a much larger product line and manufacturing plants in Alabama Kansas, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas. The original spirit of serving residential homeowners in the southern states a quality Tamko shingle product is still in practice, though they now serve the entire United States. Tamko shingle pricing, quality and all aspects remain highly competitive.

The Tamko Shingles Selection

Tamko roof shingles are made of man made materials that closely resemble original, natural material roof shingles. Homeowners can get a slate shake shingles look with quality that is unmatched by natural materials, developed using advanced technologies. Tamko roof shingles come in different styles, colors and sizes, in three different lines. Lamarite composite shingles are made to resemble slat shake shingles. When the shingles Tamko forest green is chosen for this product, the look is authentic looking slate. Metalworks steel are lightweight roof shingles that are made of metal but look like slate or wood. Finally, there is the Heritage laminated asphalt shingles.

Tamko Shingles Warranty

Each Tamko shingle product comes with warranty, but the warranty extension and coverage varies depending on the product. A full 7 year warranty is provided for the Tamko Lamarite roof shingles, to go along with a limited 50 year warranty and a limited transferability of the warranty with selling of the house. This latter warranty takes effect only if the sale is made within the first 2 years of the warranty period. Some of the asphalt shingles from the Heritage line have, besides a 30 to 50 year warranty, a 10 year warranty for algae relief, as they are treated with algae resistant material.



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