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Gaf Shingles Give Homeowners Variety

The founders of the GAF roof shingles manufacturer never imagined back in 1886, when the company was founded, that it would become a multi-billion company, well known and widely respected for its roof shingles across all of North America, at places far away from its Wayne, New Jersey headquarters. With annual sales of nearly $2 billion GAF roof shingles have exceeded any expectations that may have been at the time. Residential homeowners can find quality in GAF roofing shingles of different styles, compositions and price ranges. GAF roof shingles include no less than 15 different styles to choose from, including the widely popular GAF Timberline shingles, the Sentinel and the Royal Sovereign that provide homes with a wood shake and slate shake shingle looks or a dimensional appearance.

Roof Shingles Types

Various shingles are either laminated, have the appearance of a slate roof, look like wood shakes, or are dimensional, meaning they give a shadowed appearance. GAF Timberline Shingles, for example, including the Timberline 30 and Select 40 Shingles, the high ranking architectural GAF Timberline Armor Shield Shingles and Ultra Shingles, provide the look of wood shake shingles to residential homes. They are indeed a popular choice for medium and steep sloped roofs. The latter, best quality GAF Timberline shingles come with a lifetime warranty as well.

Gaf Roof Shingles Warranties

The warranty coverage of GAF roof shingles varies, depending on the various elements, such as the quality of the roofing shingles, from basic to best, and the installation of the roof shingles. Coverage can reach anywhere between 5 and 50 years, even a lifetime, and include labor to replace damaged GAF roof shingles, the workmanship involved, factory 40-point inspections and more. In case the house in transferred or sold, the warranty remains intact.



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