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What Is Roof Coating? How Does It Work?

Roof coating is a roofing membrane made of either bituminous (asphalt or coal-tar) or fully adhered monolithic fluid. The roof coating is the outermost layer of the entire roofing system, as it is 40 dry mils thick. Therefore, it is the most exposed layer of protection for a roof, and receives the strongest beating from the sun and UV rays, rain and hail, wind, debris, and all of Mother Nature’s most damaging effects.
Roof coatings work in several ways:

  1. Roof coating reflect the sun and weather, thereby reducing cooling costs and the need for extensive cooling systems.
  2. Roof coating’s elastic properties allow it to stretch and shrink without lasting damage (known as elastomeric roof coating).
  3. Roof coatings act as an additional form of waterproofing, while at the same time allowing trapped moisture to escape.
  4. Roof coatings can be applied in a range of colors to suit all roofing styles and designs.
  5. Some roof coatings are even designed to prevent the growth of moss and algae, and are environmentally friendly.
  6. Other roof coatings are capable of preventing corrosion, and are flame-resistant.

We provide all roof coating and roof coating repair services. Our contactors work with only the highest grade roof coatings available, and try to incorporate all these beneficial features so that your roof will withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and in turn, have an increased life expectancy.

The Kinds of Roof Coatings

Roof coating is available in an extensive range of materials and colors, each suited to a different style of roofing. Some kinds of roof coatings include Mastic Primer 101, Metal-Koat 102, Thermo-Flex 103, Natural Sealant 104, and Weatherseal SA 27. Whilst some are elastomeric roof coating, others are acrylic resin based. The adhesiveness to your roof can change according to the material your roof is made of. For example, bituminous roof coatings will be more adhesive to wood, while metal roof coatings can be made of either bituminous or elastomeric roof deck coatings. Depending on the climate you live in and the requirements of your roof and building (residential and/or commercial), a Roof 101 representative would be happy to go over with you in further detail which roof coating will best suit your roof.



Latest DIY Guide

How to Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, zinc, polymer, aluminum, copper and more. Each metal varies in its performance and aesthetic features, and is designed to fit different roofing styles. Hence it is important to know which metal is most suitable to your roof before installation. This guide is relevant for both aluminum and copper shingle installation.


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