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Roof vents provide ventilation for roof shingles and attics in order to prevent excessive heat build-up. Excessive heat build-up can cause moisture to develop, which can lead to sever damage and leakage problems within your roof. Choosing the right roof vent is dependent upon the kind of roof you have and the amount of space requiring ventilation. At Roof 101, we provide installation of roof vents for almost any kind of roofing, as well as roof vent repair, maintenance and cleaning.

How Do Roof Vents Operate?

Roof vents provide a system in which the outside air is quietly passed through to your roof and attic space. When the temperature outside increases, the air in your roof heats up and rises to the surface. Once it passes through the gaps already existing in your roof’s peak, the roof vent naturally draws in cooler outside air through its soffits, to replace the air that has just left.

Roof Ridge Vents & Their Advantages

Roof ridge vents boast several advantages over other roof vent systems. Firstly, because they drawn in outside air from the highest point of a roof, they allow for a more efficient air-flow. This kind of system is most suited to places such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, roof ridge vents can be installed with minimum interference to the existing roof structure, and can be supported by the colors and textures to match your roof. Our pre-screened contractors are able to install for you roof ridge vents for all gable, gambrel and hip roof styles. Because most industrial or commercial buildings are flat roofed, ridgeline vents are more generally used as residential roof vents. However, we also provide a wide range commercial roof vents for installation and replacement, as well as commercial roof vent cleaning and maintenance.

Roof Dryer Vents – An Excellent Addition

The difference between regular roof vents and roof dryer vents is that in the case of excessive heat build-up, roof dryer vents prevent the leaking of water from the vent to your roof. Not only can they be installed into almost any roofing material, but today they are made of heavy duty plastic and contain an insect screen. The result is a practically leak-proof roof vent system. We highly recommend this roof ventilation option, and offer all our regular roof vent installation, repair and cleaning services for roof dryer vents as well.



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