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Roof coating and roof paint play a key role in protecting your roof and building from the elements. Roof painting should also fulfill a number of functional goals in order to achieve ultimate protection of the roofing system, such as waterproofing, UV and sun reflection, and insulation purposes. When roof painting is done incorrectly or insufficiently, you can expect many problems to arise which can lead to more serious damage to the roof and house, such as rotting, rusting, cracking/peeling, and even contamination of water run-off. Additionally, if the roof surface is not properly prepared, the functionality of a roof paint may be inhibited. At Roof 101, you are guaranteed professional, reliable and comprehensive roof painting, for both residential and commercial buildings. Our pre-screened contractors work with only premium quality paint, including waterborne acrylics and electromeric coatings, all proving long lasting and easy to apply. We also offer all roof painting restoration, repair, and renovation services.

Roof Painting On Different Roof Surfaces

Roof paint can display different qualities depending on its materials and thickness. For example, some roof paints will not be adhesive to metal surfaces, while others will. For this reason, and for the fact that different roof surfaces respond differently to various materials, roof paint is generally roof deck specific. We work with premium metal roof paint, designed to enhance durability and help maintain metal roofs to their maximum lifetime, and provide concrete roof tile paint for flat and sloped surfaces. While painting asphalt roof decks and can be slightly more difficult than roof painting of other kinds, we also offer a range of asphalt roof painting services. All our roof painting services are available in an assortment of colors and glazing levels, so that your roof will look exactly as you desired it to.



Latest DIY Guide

Do It Yourself Roof Trusses

A roof truss is made up of bottom chords, top chords, and inside webbing, and held together by metal connector plates. The shape of the truss will depend on your roof's structure. They are usually placed every 2'' off center in residential and commercial buildings with gable roofs, yet can be shaped to suit a variety of configurations. Make sure you are familiar with your roof's support requirements before attempting do it yourself roof trusses. If you are not, call a Roof 101 professional immediately for expert installation services.


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