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Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

A roof is one of the most distinguishable features of a building, and can heavily influence its style and overall appearance. Aside from maintaining its look, roof cleaning serves to maintain its functions, so that you get the most out of your roof, and avoid future damage. Additionally, there are many things that are not recognized as debris that can be harmful to your roof, such as moss - moss contains a large amount of water and moisture which can spread to the cement work of your roof, and cause lasting damage to ridge tiles and valleys.

Roof Cleaning Services Provided

There are many different kinds of debris, dirt and flora that can influence the state of your roof, uncluding rain/hail, moss/algae, leaves and wind-swept debris. The most affected parts of a roof from dirt and debris are usually the gutters and shingles, yet if ignored for too long, other parts can also be affected and become damaged. For this reason, we recommend regular roof cleaning and maintenance, either once or twice annually, depending on the size and style of your roof. Our contractors provide roof cleaning services of all kinds, including tile roof cleaning, roof shingle cleaning, and clearing out of gutters and drains. If it has been a long time since your roof received a good clean, then it is probably in need of another. In this case, call Roof 101 for one of our roof cleaning specialists, who can make an immediate appointment, or at a time that best suits you. In any case, do not continue disregarding your roof!

Tile Roof Cleaning and Roof shingle Cleaning

Tiles and shingles are the most exterior part of a roof, and therefore, the most exposed to nature’s damaging effects. The life of shingles is dependent upon the amount of cleaning and upkeep they receive, and if not treated, permanent damage may occur. Hence regular cleaning, maintenance and treatment is required. At Roof 101, we use only the best roof cleaning products to ensure effective and lasting results for cleaning roof shingles and other forms of tiling, including the latest washer pressure technologies.



Latest DIY Guide

How to Install a Roof

Roof installation is a very tricky process, and anything not executed accurately can lead to serious damage. If you think you are skilled enough to attempt roof installation on your own, it is important you know all roofing regulations well. Alternatively, contact a professional and get quality assistance.


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