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Roof Flashing 101

Roof flashing is a form of weatherproofing that shields protruding objects from a roof (such as chimneys and vents) against water. Metal is the most commonly used roof flashing material, yet recently, rubber and other waterproof synthetics have become very popular. It is crucial that your roof flashing system both capture and discharge moisture and water back to the drainage system, in order to avoid water penetration into your home/office. At Roof 101, we provide roof flashing repair and installation for all kinds of roofs.

Slate Roof Flashing Details and Services

Slate roofing is extremely durable with regards to weather, yet repairs and maintenance can be very costly. It is therefore recommended that you install the roof flashing that is most suited to slate roofs, requiring minimum upkeep and expenses. Roof 101 offers a wide variety of appropriate slate roof flashing, such as Nu-Lead, solar panel and Seldek Aluminum flashing, and also all repair and installation services. For further slate roof flashing details, contact your local Roof 101 branch, open all hours of the day.

Steel Roof Flashing Pros & Cons

Steel roof flashing is the best solution to quick and inexpensive installation, as it is available in pre-formed shapes. Its rigidness allows it to be molded into 3-dimensioanl shapes, and it can also be painted. Our contractors are able to install steel roof flashing in all types of roof. However, steel roof flashing is the least durable of metal flashings, and corrosion can occur within 15 years. In order to prevent this, make sure your Roof 101 contractor performs regular inspection and maintenance services. For other metal roof flashing details, inquire with your local Roof 101 branch.

Copper Roof Flashing Characteristics and Services

Although copper roof flashing is the most expensive, it boasts the highest level of durability available among most flashing materials. Lead-coated copper flashing is the ultimate flashing material for maritime climates, as it provides durability, resistance to acid rain, and non-staining characteristics. To facilitate the water-run off to adjacent materials without the stain of copper, we provide proper overhang and drip-edge installation services. General maintenance, installation, replacement and repair services for copper roof flashing are also available.



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The roof of your house or building can undergo serious damage, weathering, disintegration, or malfunctioning at any point throughout its lifetime. These things may be prevented or even taken care of with roof repair and similar projects. Sometimes, however, repair will not be enough and you will need a new roof entirely.


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