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The Importance of Professional Roof Sheathing Installation

Roof sheathing provides the main protection and insulation of your home or office. The stages and assorted materials used for sheathing a roof vary between different roofing styles, yet there are some common mistakes made that are generic among unprofessional or inexperienced roofers.
Such mistakes include:

Different Roof Sheeting Materials

As already outlined, roof sheeting is available in a variety of materials. While some pose certain advantages over other materials, others may simply be most suited to your existing roofing design and style. Corrugated plastic roof sheets are the most common form of roof sheathing for efficient drainage and easy installation. Contrastingly, polycarbonate roof sheeting is also available as a corrugated roofing material, and contains the important feature of reflecting heat transmission. Both corrugated plastic roof sheets and polycarbonate roof sheeting are considered quality materials, yet can be purchased in a range of thicknesses and at different quality levels. For the best advice on which roof sheathing material to install in your roof, contact Roof 101 we provide full roof inspections, and with many roof sheathing experts on hand in each major city and state, professional and reliable advice and services are only a phone call away.



Latest DIY Guide

Do It Yourself Metal Roof

A do it yourself metal roof project is far from easy. Aside from requiring much hard to obtain and hard to use equipment, the process itself is both complicated and dangerous. There are also many situations in which more than one person is required. For these reasons, we recommend that you do not proceed with a metal roof DIY project if you are incapable. Alternatively, contact a Roof 101 professional for assistance.


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