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Homeowners can enjoy the advantages of metal roofing, any heavy tiles or slates, without any concern of strengthening the housing infrastructure by installing an aluminum roof. This high quality and durable roofing material happens to be also greatly resistant to rust and corrosion, in regular climate regions and at salt spray costal environments alike. It is an incredibly strong roofing material, light in weight at 50 to 70 lbs. per square, tough at extremely cold temperatures, reflects the sun and keeps the house cool in hot weather and highly resistant to weathering, which is one of the reasons Boeing aircrafts are made of it.

An Environment Friendly Aluminum Roof

The use of aluminum is environmentally friendly, when compared either to cedar shake roofing or to other composition shingle roofing materials. No trees need to be destroyed for an aluminum roof, nor any centuries-long decomposing half-life to the material involved. Instead aluminum roofs are entirely recyclable.

A Beautiful Aluminum Roof

Not only does the variety of aluminum roof colors provide homeowners with a beautiful roof, but so does the material itself, which can be shaped flexibly to fit any roof design and detail.

Aluminum Roofs and You

Since the 19th century when aluminum was first introduced to the various industries, not only did the roofing market enjoy the introduction of the “metal of the future” as it as referred to at the time, but so did the field of aviation, architecture and many other industries. Today, you too can enjoy the advantages of an aluminum roof. With the cost of aluminum roof comparable with other high end materials, you should consider contacting Roof 101 and protect your home with a fine product.



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