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PVC Roofing Throughout History

"Developed in Europe in the 1960s, PVC roofing arrived in America in the 1970s, and its use has rapidly grown since. PVC roofing today covers approximately 10% of roofs in the United States, especially within North America where there are many low-sloped roofs. PVC roofing is highly reliable, and the reinforced PVC roofing membrane has even more attributes than regular PVC and other forms of roof sheathing. A PVC roofing membrane is a layer of sheathing that provides additional insulation, protection, and sound-deadening features, and is placed over an existing flat or shingled roof.

It is now the ultimate form of PVC roofing for the following reasons:

The PVC roofing membrane is made by a process of heat welding seam technology, which not only allows for one single piece of PVC roofing to cover an entire roofs surface and eliminate seams and joints, but also provides excellent flexibility. This makes PVC roofing applicable to practically any shaped surface, and makes the installation process quick and simple. The material itself is extremely durable, and has a high resistance to punctures and impact, as well as fire propagation and flame exposure resistance. PVC roofing also has good tolerance for thermal movement because of its flexibility, and is exceptionally tough against contamination and rooftop soiling. Additionally, PVC roofing is virtually maintenance free, as it is both waterproof and dirt resistant. Usually woven with fabrics such as glass fibre and polyester, the PVC roofing membrane can provide up to 80% solar reflectivity, thereby reducing heat island effects and cooling costs. And to top it all off, PVC roofing is aesthetically appealing, and suitable to both old and new structures.

PVC Roof Related Services

If you are attracted to the many benefits of owning a PVC roof, then speak to your nearest Roof 101 branch. We offer a wide range of PVC roof services, including everything from installation to repair, at very affordable prices.



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