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Most people hear the word "galvanized roofing" many times without actually knowing what it really is. Galvanized roofing is steel metal that is coated with a thin layer of zinc in order to provide resistance against corrosion .The process of coating the steel with zinc is called "hot dipping". Galvanized roofing boasts many qualities that make it preferable over other metal roofing materials.

Why buy galvanized metal roofing?

Galvanized metal roofing is highly durable, and unlike stainless steel which can reach quite hefty sums, it is an economical purchase. In fact, galvanized metal roofing can last 2-3 times longer than asphalt roofing. Some galvanized roofing materials have been additionally coated with aluminum to provide extreme weather resistance. This kind of galvanized metal roofing is called “Galvalume’. The advantage of using copper and steel is their resistance to rust. Plus, steel is a relatively heavy metal, which makes it highly appropriate for roofing applications. A galvanized metal roof will be extremely capable of withstanding strong weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fire, earthquake, high winds, extreme temperatures, and hail. Even lightning is not a serious threat to galvanized metal roofing, despite popular doubts, because it is impervious to fire and non-combustible. When painted in a light color, galvanized roofing can reduce cooling costs, making it energy efficient. And to top it all off, galvanized roofing is an environmentally friendly product.

Galvanized metal roofing projects

Galvanized metal roofing is a comparatively easy material to work with, therefore our expert roof contractors can install it into your roof with relative ease and speed. Because our roofers are pre-screened, you can be certain that all galvanized roofing related services you receive will be highly professional and reliable. For lasting galvanized roof installation, repairs, and maintenance, simply contact your nearest branch.



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