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Roof Panel Shape and Design

When speaking about roof panels, this will most of the time refer to metal roofing panels. This can include galvanized steel, Galvalume, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel. Roof panels are similar to sheeting, only they have special shapes and designs unique to the roof panel system. Despite that it is relatively new, the most common roof panel design is Type S. Other designs include standing seam, concealed fastener roof panels, and exposed fastener roof panels. Usually, the shape of roofing panels will allow for interlocking joints and easy water run off.

The Characteristics of Roof Panels

The superior structural profile of a roof panel is designed to withstand heavy loads such as masses of snow and ice, and uplift the load of high velocity winds. Roof panels are usually suited to roof pitches as low as one degree, and if you desire, can have no side laps, end laps, or cavities. All metal roofing panels are coated for extra weathering protection, and many will have a utherane insulation core to offer high thermal performance. Roof panels can be installed in onto nearly all kinds of roofing styles and applications, and are available in a selection of colors and shapes.

Installing a Roof Panel System

Roof panels, although able to be installed using an interlocking system, can sometimes be very complicated to install. In order to ensure that there are no gaps, and that the installation of roof panels is faultless and watertight, we recommend hiring one of our contractors, who come backed with years of experience and appraised roof panel work.



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