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Reasons to Install Copper Roofing

Copper roofing has been used for centuries world-wide, and is favored by architects due to its endurance properties and lasting beauty. Copper roofing can be applied to achieve both contemporary and historical styles, and although copper roofing installation can be expensive, long term maintenance costs of copper roofs are close to none. To receive professional, efficient copper roof installation, contact your nearest Roof 101 branch today.

The Properties of Copper & Copper Roofing Features

Copper roofing boasts many important qualities. Firstly, when installed properly, copper roofs last a lifetime, as they are resistant to corrosion and fire, and are extremely durable. Durability is reason for the use of copper roofing against extreme weather and industrial conditions. Secondly, copper roofing is lightweight, and doesn’t require much supporting structures, which saves you valuable roof space. Thirdly, copper roofs minimize roof movement due to thermal change, which prevents deterioration and failure. Additionally, copper roofing does not require any decoration, cleaning or maintenance, because of the protective patina developed over time, which heavily reduces your expenses. And finally, the copper roof is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Copper Roof Flashing and Other Accessories

Copper roofing is pre-designed and manufactured in sheets or seams. Roof 101 contractors are able to complete copper roof flashing (and other applications) installation within several hours, as copper roof flashing is easily installed and require no special equipment. The copper itself can also be bent to suit unique roofing shapes, and have an exposure of 9.5 inches. For this reason, copper roof flashing and other accessories are water-tight, wind-resistant, and can be applied to almost any roof structure.



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